The mysterious Učja valley



Zipline is eco friendly adventure. Environmental awareness and love towards our region led us in the creation of the zipline park. All elements of the zipline park have been carefully and thoughtfully designed in order to preserve this beautiful natural heritage.

Steel cables actually have a very long tradition in the Učja valley. Some still well known locals placed the steel cables in Učja valley in the middle of the last century and used them to transfer timber or hay over inaccessible gorges. Also the hunters used them to transfer equipment. Some of them are still in use today.

Učja Valley is 10 miles long and very narrow (less than 1 km). Učja river, that floats through, originates in Italy, on the western slopes of Kanin. When it crosses the border, it burrows into a narrow and deep gorge, which is not transient along the stream. The river has made five basins on her way, the longest measuring 5 km. The area is rich with a variety of beautiful natural phenomena that are caused by ice and snow or are water and  karst origin. Lower gorge can be seen  from the bridge on the road Bovec - Žaga and is only 500m away from the estuary into the river Soca. Učja river is also suitable for swimming during the summer season.

Because of its position Bovec basin has a very specific climatic conditions. Mediterranean influence coming from the sea along the Soča valley  impacts the climatic conditions in the canyon Učja. Therefore the vegetation is a mix of alpine vegetation and for alpine conditions atypical flora.

Učja valley, which lies  between the former border crossing Učja and village Žaga is inhabited by sheep and wild animals. By local tale Učja derives from word "Ovčja", cause they also call sheep 'uca" or "wca".

Učja valley  is protected area and a home to many endangered species. Among them is also marble trout,  a symbol of Soča river and its tributaries.

Some of the protected animal and plant species in the Učja valley:


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